WeInspired,InspiredInspired by webincredible websites, etc.cool technologies, etc.ingenious scripts and great design and typography works and disappointed,disappointed by organizationpoorpoor sites and organizationcrappy organization (also student organization) at our faculty,faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics,cybernetics (btw,(by the way, wtfwhat is cybernetics?), we are, not heroes,flying supermans, butbut we decideddecided (it is easy to decide) to makemake a simple web pagepage with coursescourses (which are sometimes good but infamous) that is, a simple pagepage instead of dozens of announcements,useless paper announcements, a lovely page that is awesome.awesomelymaking you feel awesomely awesome.

Есть что сказать? Звоните письма нам на электропочту: totally.awesome@yandex.ru

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